Radio Famous!

Well, not famous, but my radio virginity has been taken. Co-op Radio Vancouver asked some of the students from the Vision to Voice project to come read their poems on the radio, and I blithely volunteered my Tuesday evening, thinking I’d just be one in a long succession of students reading poems on air. Nerve-wracking enough, I say. But soft! When we arrived, it was unveiled that they had a whole interview session set up for us. Questions, answers, songs, laughter, the whole nine yards. I nearly fled.

Despite my fear of making an utter fool of myself, it went well. The volunteers that run this radio station are without a doubt some of the nicest, most genuine people I have ever had the pleasure of meeting, and I can say confidently that I won’t have the fight-or-flight reaction if there is a radio in the future.

The show is called World Poetry Café – El Mundo de la Poesia, and is a bilingual show (Spanish/English) that explores poetry from various different areas. You can listen to/download the show here, and I would highly recommend checking out future (and past) Co-op Radio shows, because they are truly a stand-up community figure for minority cultures and societies; their “About” page calls it a “voice for the voiceless”. A really unique, golden idea.

All in all, despite muddling through Tuesday on a pithy ration of sleep and offending exactly one friend (that I know of, could be more; heaven knows I’m not at my most tactful on >3 hours of sleep), it’s been a really fantastic day. Oh, and I’d like to

thank you followers,
you commenters and likers
for lifting my day.

© Emily Bragg 2013


Sunset in Zanzibar

I recently participated in Vision to Voice 2013, an event orchestrated by the South Delta Artist’s Guild and the students of South Delta Secondary School. They asked the members of the Delta Arts Youth Council (of which I’m still a member) to do some writing for them; each student is given a painting done by either another student or a member of the Guild, and is asked to write prose or poetry about the piece. I wrote a (last-minute) poem about Janice Jone’s acrylic pallete knife painting Sunset in Zanzibar, a gorgeous piece.

Her mast stands stark against the sky,
Brilliant with dying light.
Canvas wings now folded,
Loosely hanging in the soft glow,
Mirrored in the soft drape of a woman’s shift.

She stands tall, her back to the mast
Molten sunset lighting her eyes afire.
Moulded copper across ebony cheekbones.
A chance taken, the sigh of freedom
Echoed in the creaking hull;

The surf yields an easy cadence,
A hushed refrain against the coming darkness.

Unexpectedly, this piece won an Award of Excellence in Poetry from the Guild, one of four given for poetry. Thank you to Janice and her inspiring painting, and for the Vision to Voice collective for organizing such a wonderful event. As soon as I know where to buy a copy of the published compilation of all the paintings and corresponding pieces of writing, I’ll put it up here.