Tea Time


It’s four o’clock, and all the creatures of the other world want their tea.
Billowing skirts, rustling leaves, beating wings all reaching for a sweet bite, a sip of steeped tea leaves, and perhaps a softly boiled egg.

© Emily Bragg 2013


Focus On The Advil Side

Little things like a cup of hot, strong tea, a sweet kiss on the cheek, a touch on the hand; they let me focus on what’s going on around me, all the good that’s around me.

Especially now, when my uterus is using my lower back as a punching bag (those near and dear to me have heard various similar metaphors, along with the utterance “my uterus is a treacherous bitch“) and I’m living Advil to Advil.

I just, I hate acting a stereotype. I love everyone around me, even when I’m angry. It’s just that these distinctly unpregnant pangs emanating from my lower abdomen can get a little aggravating. And if I snark at you, it’s just the moon-lady talking.

That, or you’re being unforgivably irritating.

© Emily Bragg 2013

A Quick Note On Australia

My keyboard resides in the Northern Hemisphere, where very few things want to eat you. Unless you count grizzly bears, which I don’t. They don’t venture into the suburbs too often. But Australia, now there’s a scary place and a half. I’d skin both my knees to be able to go there, but knowing me they’d send me home within a week covered in tarantula bites. Have I fallen embarrassingly deep into stereotypes yet?

The reason I bring up Australia is that it’s 3:25am where I sit, and I’ve got class in 7 hours. Now, I could have finished this linguistics assignment ages ago if I’d put my mind to it (it’s actually kind of fun, in a twisted phonological puzzly kind of way), but instead I blogged for a bit, and I made myself a sandwich, and I ate the sandwich, and then I made myself some tea and sat down with the best intentions and a tin of mints.

Now all that remains is to type the thing up.

Do Australians enjoy mints as much as I do? I’m workin’ the blanket statements here. Ohhh blankets…bed would be nice. I bet it’s warmer down under as well, though today up on the mountain was incredibly gorgeous. It was just everywhere else that was foggy and cold as all get-out. You could look down and see this blanket of fog rolling out from the mountain base….blankets again, dammit.

I’m looking back over this and I realize I never elaborated on Australia. I figure since y’all are a day ahead of us, oh……and here my 3am logic falls flat. That means it’d be 3am in Australia too, just on a different day. Well. There goes all of my reason.

© Emily Bragg 2013