The Fish Shirt Rises


Y’all better watch out, I downloaded photogrid. Which means I can post awful-quality pictures from my phone onto WordPress in multiples.


Sewing Update

I’ve been sewing. Tip of the day: wearing a substantial bikini top (like mine) and very little in the way of pants makes it exceptionally easy to pin things onto oneself for fittings/draping. It’s been hot. Very hot. Sweltering, even. And (defying the season) my sinuses have been invaded with a bad cold, casting the whole process in a rather hazy, sneeze-ridden light. 

Soon I will be finished my self-drafted aquarium-fish-print cotton quasi-backless button-up sleeveless blouse. Just have to add two more panels and the buttons. It will be victory. Tomorrow. 

I Seek to Stumble

Bramble switches lay quiet
waiting for unwary feet running haphazardly
blood on my new stockings.

Yesterday, only yesterday I
washed them and now
rust stains and

tiny tears
rolling down my cheeks.
The meadow looked so green,
how was I to know?

Perhaps my feet picked the thorns
not unaware at all, 
but subconscious
toes seeking stocking revenge. 

© Emily Bragg 2013