Sewing Update

I’ve been sewing. Tip of the day: wearing a substantial bikini top (like mine) and very little in the way of pants makes it exceptionally easy to pin things onto oneself for fittings/draping. It’s been hot. Very hot. Sweltering, even. And (defying the season) my sinuses have been invaded with a bad cold, casting the whole process in a rather hazy, sneeze-ridden light. 

Soon I will be finished my self-drafted aquarium-fish-print cotton quasi-backless button-up sleeveless blouse. Just have to add two more panels and the buttons. It will be victory. Tomorrow. 


Alive and Painting

I’m still here. Starting to paint a few new pieces. Yay, canvas! Hopefully the smell of acrylics will drive away the rest of this damn cold. I’m less than impressed with being sick, but my baby sister got her wisdom teeth out this morning so I can’t complain too loudly about my headaches and fevers and hacking and wheezing. Poor girl. She’s muddling through a haze of tylenol 3’s and antibiotics and steroids, which is more than I ever got. I made the most of the codeine, but she’s not looking too peppy. 

But paint. Paint I will. In between playing soup/yop/drug dispenser. 

Also, just a reminder? I like you guys. Y’all are a pretty nice crowd. ❤

a feline diagnosis

the back of my throat tastes
chlorine, hard
slick with tears and disbelief
i want a sledgehammer
to rule out all word
give me back my quiet
and take away this raging unseen terror
let me mourn her
not her
give her back
give me her back
i want her curled against my shoulder sleeping
not trailing plastic tubing
and dragging paws.

© Emily Bragg 2013