On a Lighter Note: Caravan Palace and Spry Bry

On Friday, July 26th, I had the most incredible evening I’ve had in ages. It was drenched in sweat and euphoria and dancing, and it was wonderful. Here’s a couple samplers of what I was treated to:

Spry Bry. This guy. He plays violin amidst electro-swing backing tracks that he’s simultaneously mixing. So good.


And then , le piece de resistance, Caravan Palace. They were perfect. They did this routine, live, in front of my eyes, with the perfect mic pass-off and everything. I was unable to breathe at points, not because I wore a corset, but because they were so perfect. Just, perfect.

Please become hardcore fans so that we can gush together. Thank you.

Also, I found this artist, Laurent Chehere, who did a series of photographs called “Les maisons volantes”. Now, je ne parlais pas francais, but they’re beautiful flying houses. Just beautiful. Click on the flying circus tent to ogle more of his stuff (and peruse that whole website as well, there’s some crazy cool stuff there).

Laurant Chehere

Laurent Chehere



Somebody found my blog via Bing today. 


You tease.

Also, I made the perfect omlette for 9pm food. No scrambled eggs for this lady, no sir. What a day of firsts. 

Tulle is a Weighty Passion

Fabric is a strange animal. It can crease in all the wrong places, feel like pissed-on cardboard, and smell like mothballs, or it can drape and cinch and seduce your skin with textures and patterns you never knew you loved. Sometimes, I hate tulle. That wispy, good-for-nothing fairytale of a fabric, embodying my best memories of dressing up as Glinda the Good Witch when I was seven years old.

Lately, and by lately I mean in the past two years, I’ve had a strange fascination with this one dress, tea-length, with a full tulle skirt flaring out from a satiny dropped waist. I wanted it for my graduation dress, but I would have had to order it from overseas and that’s just a little too much of a gamble for a cynic like me.

I have a shortcut to this dress in my bookmarks bar. When I feel stressed out, unhappy, or just fed up with the world, I click on the link and take in all the soft, sweet curves of this dress. Everything about it, the suggested shoes included, make me sigh with the perfection of some things on this earth.

So here. Have a little taste of tulle perfection. (click on the picture to see the rest of it)

Look at this. Ignore the petulant look on the model's face and just drink in the quiet, understated beauty of this garment.

Look at this. Ignore the petulant look on the model’s face and just drink in the quiet, understated beauty of this garment.

I think it’s like cars for some people.