Liebster Award!

Colour me flabbergasted, tickle me pink. I’ve been nominated for a blog award, by the ever-effervescent and beauteous Kay over at Casual, Possibly-Nonsensical Ramblings! If you haven’t heard of Kay, check her out (she has some really great stuff), and if you haven’t (like me) heard of the Liebster Award, I’ll bestow upon you what knowledge The Great Oracle Google has bestowed upon me.



The Liebster is a fun little award meant for bloggers with under 200 followers (like myself), and is composed of elevens: 11 nominations, 11 facts, 11 answers, and 11 questions. Here goes:


1) The Blangert/J’aime Les Velociraptors I hope you’ll join me in nagging this crazy woman to blog more. She’s brilliant.
2) Stranger Than Fiction Some pretty slick poetry, and a pretty cool guy.
3) SomethingNewPlease This man is fucking hilarious. Prepare to spend hours reading.
4) Chatty Owl Freaking gorgeous words right here. Nice lady, too. She doesn’t do the whole blog award thing, but I’m nominating her anyways ’cause you should go check her blog out.
5) ieatcatsforlunch I like him a lot. A lot. 
6) writingthebody  Some truly, truly cool stuff.
7) CombatBabe A hands-down, kickass, fabulous writer.
8) Easily Ignored Don’t ignore him.  He’s a cool guy. Writes some cool stuff.
9) The Kat & the Falling Leaves This woman is unbelievably nice, and has great taste.
10) feministlawprof This lady is one badass lawyer, and an awesome writer.
11) Movita Beaucoup Her blog makes me drool. And then chuckle. And then drool some more.


1) I’m crazy about cutting my hair. I get so excited about haircuts, and I spend ridiculous, unstudently amounts of money to go to this one stylist at this one salon near my house because she’s so good. Right now I’ve got a half-pixie, half chin-length curly bob going on, and my stylist’s been begging me to put some colour into it so maybe I’ll do that next. Dark teal, anyone?

2) I love fresh flowers. I’m hands-down not one of those girls who don’t like flowers. I love flowers. If I had the money to do it, I’d buy fresh flowers every week. They make me at least 38% more happy on any given day.

3) I have a not-so-secret longing to own a corset. Not because I’m uncomfortable with my body as it is, but because they’re so pretty. When I get one, I will wear it everywhere. Maybe not to work, though. Could get a little uncomfortable.

4) I laugh louder than you. I’ve had many people tell me they can hear me across the room, or even in the next room, or across the house. I’d like to think it as a trademark, as opposed to plain obnoxious.

5) There is nothing nicer-smelling, to me, than an opened bottle/tube/jar of acrylic paint.

6) My favourite movies, like Kay, are the quirky, sometimes gloomy, long-shot-of-driving-car kind of indie movies that you can’t discuss with most people, but when you do find someone that knows what kind of a gem you’re talking about, it’s an instant bonding moment. Favourite example? Benny and Joon. That, and Bollywood (if you don’t know what that is, your life is sadly lacking in 3-hour drama-laden glitterfests). Oh, and Monty Python. Nothing is funnier than Monty Python.

7) I’m taking Farsi as a language class in university, however, even though this semester is the fourth Persian class I’ve taken, my conversational skills are still unbelievably limited. I do know how to say “patriarchy”, though. They give you the darndest vocab.

8) I have a small collection of onesie pajamas. I hope one day to call it a large collection.

9) It’s a secret wish of mine to be musically adept. I can sing, I can compose, but I can’t play. As this puts me in the strict minority amongst my friends, I hope to make 2013 a year of some instrumenty proficiency.

10) I wish I could swing dance. Lindy hop. Charleston. Actually, I can Charleston with the best of ’em, but I don’t know how the rest of it works. I took an intro class, and I can’t figure out where the beats are. This is the second year I’ve been dancing Salsa, so I’ve become mildly capable on the Latina front, but there’s an empty place in my heart where Lindy would fit just perfectly. I love the music, the steps, the energy, the people….awrgh.

11) When I feel poorly, I milk it for all it’s worth. Unless there’s something pressing, I’ll cancel all my engagements for the day, drag a duvet and two heaties over to the couch, pour myself a strong cup of tea and watch a variety of my favourite “sick” movies.


1) What made you decide to start a blog? My first blog was started because I’d never done the whole blogging thing before, and myself and my friend Scott decided that starting a joint blog dedicated to procrastination during finals was the best way to survive the treacherous ground of exam season. I scrounged up the courage to start my own blog because I realized that not only did I really like blogging, but that all the creative writing I was doing was just hiding away in the deep recesses of my computer or between the pages of old journals, gathering dust. Having this blog motivates me to keep writing (and once I get around to posting art, that too).

2) Favourite meal ever? Chinese lettuce wraps with pork filling. My mum’s dahl and rice with korma tofu. Tacos.

3) If you invented a time machine, where/when would you go? London, 1926. Or America, 1940. Both have unbelievably great style. Oh wait, no, New York, 1998. Just in time for Ani DiFranco’s release of Little Plastic Castle. 

4) What’s the top thing on your bucket list? Become fluent in another language. Have one of my paintings hung in a gallery. Get a full-body massage.

5) Favorite movie? A three-way tie between the afore-mentioned Benny and JoonIn Her Shoes (my official #1 “sick” movie), and Mixed Nuts. 

6) What’s a bad habit that you have? Late. I’m chronically late. It’s a terrible, terrible habit that I have. My Christopher gave me a pocket watch for Christmas. My dad laughed.

7) Do you have an idol?  Someone you really look up to or that has influenced your life in some way? Ani DiFranco, my mother, and Mama V. (I’m awful at choosing just one.)
+ Ani, because my mother listened to her when I was little, and I got absolutely hooked when I was twelve. She has a song for every emotion I’ve ever experienced, and much, much more. That, and being a gorgeous, kickass woman.

+ My mother, because she brought so many unique things into my life. I was homeschooled until grade 10, and in those years I learned more about reading passionately, other cultures, fine arts and street smarts than I could have ever done if I’d been stuck in a classroom colouring maps. She’s a crazy wonderful woman, and though we occasionally have our differences, she knows me so well.

+ Mama V: Ms. Vincent. My high school drama teacher. I have never met a woman so incredibly dedicated to her craft, and her kids. Students, I mean. She would stand for nothing less than utmost quality both in her class and in the school productions, and after school she was fantastically scary and inspiring, whipping us into shape and fine-tuning our performances until they rang clear as glass. I learned more from her than I learned from any other teacher in that school. And yes, those dedicated drama freaks like myself, we called her Mama V.

8) What is your guilty pleasure? Eating chilled Eagle Brand sweetened condensed milk straight out of the can.

9) Favourite colour? I have too many to list. All the colours of the ocean, the bright, vibrant green of new leaves, scarlet, dark teal, and deep reddish-orange.

10) Dream job? Jesu, Kay, you’re making me go through an existential crisis here. I think maybe singing for a successful band that made beautiful music that people danced to. If not that, a successful writer.

11) Last thing that made you laugh until you cried? When my Christopher told me a story about how his older brother sent his favourite toy car to Africa when they were little. Being the oldest child in my family, that is golden. It’s so perfect. Because it’s a good thing to do, to donate to toy-drives for kids in Africa. And he’ll never get it back.
I laughed for ten minutes straight. There were tears rolling down my face. He was so unimpressed.


1) The last time you did a cartwheel?
2) Your secret passion?
3) Something special that someone gave to you?
4) Favourite smell?
5) Top three artists (music, art, writing, whatever)?
6) The last time you partied like a rock star?
7) When was the classiest you’ve ever felt?
8) One weird habit?
9) One thing that always makes you laugh?
10) Favourite article of clothing?
11) Signature dance move?

Whoof. That was fun. See you on the flip side, and stay streets ahead.

© Emily Bragg 2013


Grief is a Strange Animal

It’s a lurking creature. You never know when it’s going to strike.

Earlier today, my grandmother passed away. She had been having heart complications for the past five weeks, and although we thought she was recovering, she suddenly took a turn for the worse yesterday. My mother and my uncle flew out to go be with her and my grandpa yesterday evening, and they were able to spend hours with her before she passes. Mum says she recognized them, which was important.

I’m not sad now. I might be, in five minutes, or an hour, or five days. I’m aching for my mum. I’m aching for my grandpa, because he’s lost the woman he spent his life with. But I’m not sad that she’s gone. Right now.
Right now I’m not sad that she’s gone.

There are people who you love because they’re incredibly nice, giving, generous people. There are people you love because they’re quirky, affectionate, friendly, because they have that special something that makes you click, and there are people that you love because they’ve stood by you in the hardest times of your life and made you laugh.

And then, there are people you love just because they’re family. I loved my grandmother because she was family, because she was human, and because of that, I can forgive the things she’s said. There’s no use holding grudges against those who are gone of this earth. I can forgive how she hurt my mother, I can forgive the things she did that made me burn with hatred because I don’t even think she knew she was doing it. It was how she learned to do things, I guess.

My favourite story of my grandmother was one she told me herself: the story of how she and my grandpa became an item. She was out with her girlfriends one day, eighteen and giggly, and a group of young men walked past. My grandma pointed at my grandpa, and told her girlfriends “That’s for me. That one’s for me.” I can still remember how her eyes triumphantly sparkled as she told me this story, finishing with “And now he is.” She had her heart set on him from the minute she laid eyes on him, and it’s with that kind of sweet romance that I’m going to remember her; as the young lady who swiftly chose her own man with all her heart.

I hope you hear me, grandma, somehow, when I say that I do love you. I’ve always loved you. I hope you give ’em hell wherever it is that you are, because lord knows you raised enough of it while you were here. Goodnight, Grandma Carol.

© Emily Bragg 2013