blog rhytidectomy

So I decided we needed a facelift around these parts, and each theme I try has some shortcoming that I just can’t deal with. This one seems to be the least of all evils, but two things are bothering me:

1) the summarizing of the posts. Very nice, except the previews of all dem haikus and poetry stuff is now a conglomeration of seemingly unrelated adjectives (which it is in the first place, but it was intentional that way). 

2) I can’t get the pictures to show up in the previews, so no art for you until you click on the post. 

I’ll work on it a bit later. Everything’s still here, you just need to dig a little further to find it. (Still sewing. Everything is iced coffee.)


a feline diagnosis

the back of my throat tastes
chlorine, hard
slick with tears and disbelief
i want a sledgehammer
to rule out all word
give me back my quiet
and take away this raging unseen terror
let me mourn her
not her
give her back
give me her back
i want her curled against my shoulder sleeping
not trailing plastic tubing
and dragging paws.

© Emily Bragg 2013