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I’ve joined the ranks of the tweeters. I’ve yet to tweet a haiku, but you can probably look forward to that in the near future. 160 characters seems like perfectly haiku-shaped box to me.

tweet tweet


If you, like me, have succumbed to the great reign of Tweet, follow me? I’m still a little inept, my hashtag skills are stumbling and mediocre at best and I’m finding it increasingly difficult to compress my verbose self into 160 characters, but at least my background is pretty.

Here’s the link:

Ch-ch-ch-cheers. Peace. Pound it.

(get it)
(pound it)
(’cause hashtags are really just glorified pound signs)

#twitter #wordpressisbetter #wordpresswillforeverhavemyheart


Birthday Festival Begins

Today’s my birthday.
A one-woman holiday!
The party starts now.

My family adopted a new tradition about a year ago from one of my parents’ friends: Birthday Festival, also known as Birthday Week. Starting a day before your birthday (so as to include the last day of the previous age), you get to do/eat/party whatever you like for a whole seven days. Within reason, of course. For some reason university doesn’t accept “Birthday Week” as sufficient reason to extend paper deadlines.

For me, this is the perfect invention. I love my birthday. Always have, always will. I think it has something to do with my being very self-centred, because the thought of a day where everyone is nice to you and you get free things (sometimes) AND presents? It’s glorious. Like the haiku above states: a one-woman holiday. All for me (and everyone else born on April 5th, but that’s besides the point). And now it gets to last a whole week! My cup runneth over.


art by me

art by me

a small sad, a strange: hug

i am strange today
usually the case, but now
see, i’d like a hug.

this strange is quiet
unsettling, almost sad
hell of an ordeal.

but not my ordeal
or is it? i’m relative
relative, right.

but relatively
i’m not too sad, as sad goes
i just need a hug.

© Emily Bragg 2013

42 Of You

It’s far too late for a real post, but with my latest (and super-nice) follower over at Stranger Than Fiction, I’ve hit 42 followers! As those Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy fans out there will know, 42 is the answer to the Ultimate Question: it is the meaning of life, the universe and everything. Thank you to all you lovely, lovely top-notch people that have gotten me there! What an unexpected pleasure.

42: The Meaning of Life, The Universe, And Everything

Here’s a celebratory haiku, because I can’t get enough of haiku’s:

forty-two of you
following my fledgling blog
thanks, O frabjous day!

Ridiculous amounts of affection, guys.

© Emily Bragg 2013

this cage

stacked accusations
tempered by blind apathy
who hurts now; later

repents with spun words.
quietly justified, he
builds his blind fortress.

girl wings flutter, strain;
he forges two more cage bars.
torn feathers, wild eyes.

silence sometimes stops
but go is waiting, waiting.
then she flies too far.

hurt masked by kindness
swiftly sours to black demands;
damp down clings softly.

let her go, I scream
feathers rustle, two eyes open
“i can mend this cage”

whispered words through bars
this cage will not be mended;
girl wings realigned.

she climbs aerial
cage and sour scent fades on high
and healing begins.

© Emily Bragg 2013