I’m popular, guys!

Hello Ladles and Gentleforks!

Thanks to you all, but especially one Lindsey over at LindseyKnows, I have one hundred and fifty followers on WordPress! Thank you, thank you, I’m really tickled pink. Only 9 months in the blogosphere, just like having a baby. Well. I mean, the average gestation of a regular human baby is nine months, so…

You get it. I love you. Thanks.



I missed 69 / music is awesome

I had it all mapped out. When the sixty-ninth person followed this blog, I was going to write a really long post filled with every kind of sexual innuendo I know. And knowing me, that’s a fairly long list. Anything you say, there’s a 69% chance that I’ll be able to turn it around. It’s that low because I have difficulty with things like “I went to see my grandma last Friday and we had sushi”, and “my dog is a drama queen”. But still, it was going to be glorious. But then I got swamped with things, and before I knew it, three lovely people decided to honour me with their shadowy cyber-presences, and I’ve missed sixty-nine all together. 

That blows. It’s really hard for me to swallow, you know? I’m almost choking on it. I’m pleased, don’t get me wrong, I mean, I’m practically gasping with pleasure, but it still sucks. Welcome, newbies. I’ve been posting sporadically as of late, but hey. 

ON ANOTHER NOTE: my local arts centre has a monthly open mic night, and tonight my band played a couple of our songs for a real live audience! I was jittery about singing live in front of so many people (haven’t done that in a few years), but it was fine. My mom said we were good, anyways (my parents came, how cool is that?). No, but really, it went really well. We sounded good. I’m super excited for the recordings we’re working on to be real things that I can link you guys up to, because (I’m biased) they’re going to be really great. Really. Really really really. 

It’s late. I have a blasphemously long and complicated day tomorrow (at least it ends in good beer), so I’m off to bed. Love ya guys. 

I spy with my little eye….50 of you!

Well hello! I’m befuddled and thrilled and aghast with pleasure, because I opened my account today and lo and behold: I have a little red star thingy that says “Congratulations on Reaching 50 Followers”! As I’ve really only been blogging here for about a month an a half, this crazy support from the WordPress community is just unexpectedly delightful.Thank you, to all you new shadow-friends, and cheers to the old ones for sticking around, you lovebugs you.

Especially during this strangely grey month of February, where every ounce of friendliness counts double-weight. Also, I promise to try and upload pictures of my artsy stuff, I’ve been neglecting that exponentially since I got this thing up and running. Anyways. Thank you, thank you, thank you—ooop, and there’s 51! HELLO

I can’t even. Thanks guys.




© Emily Bragg 2013

42 Of You

It’s far too late for a real post, but with my latest (and super-nice) follower over at Stranger Than Fiction, I’ve hit 42 followers! As those Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy fans out there will know, 42 is the answer to the Ultimate Question: it is the meaning of life, the universe and everything. Thank you to all you lovely, lovely top-notch people that have gotten me there! What an unexpected pleasure.

42: The Meaning of Life, The Universe, And Everything

Here’s a celebratory haiku, because I can’t get enough of haiku’s:

forty-two of you
following my fledgling blog
thanks, O frabjous day!

Ridiculous amounts of affection, guys.

© Emily Bragg 2013