The Fish Shirt Rises


Y’all better watch out, I downloaded photogrid. Which means I can post awful-quality pictures from my phone onto WordPress in multiples.


A Tipsy Valentines Post

So Valentines Day happened. Everyone all over the blogosphere is blogging about how much they love/hate/were surprised by this year’s St Valentine’s Day. Regardless of the fact that I do indeed have a crazy lover-man who turns my world ’round each day and may or may not have given me a gorgeous rose and a handmade card and taken me out for cake, let me outline a few pros for the day upon which many hate:

1) Glitter. Sparkles. Bejewel the fuck out of everything. I personally made a trip to the dollar store because my sparkly pipecleaner stash was running low, and for some reason I couldn’t find a single tube of glitter glue in my house. My floor is now ankle-deep in Valentine carnage, bits of snipped-up doilies and fake gemstones in ridiculous shapes (dolphins??) surrounding an exhausted hot glue gun sprawled atop sheets of red cardstock. I like to try to make valentines so eye-bleedingly awful that they’re beautiful.   THIS IS CRAFTING

2) Chocolate. Now, I didn’t receive any this year (I’d rather have flowers than chocolate–at least until tomorrow, when I plan on ravaging the supermarkets for discounted lindors) but it’s definitely a staple of the Valentines Day charade. Even when single, you can usually guilt-trip someone into buying chocolate for you. Speaking from experience here.

3) An excuse to drink. Because I’ve been under a lot of stress lately (the hell, reading break) I’m currently best friends with this awesome glass of shiraz sitting next to me. It’s tasty. The label is awesome. I think it actually might be called “Awesome”. Hang on. Nope, it’s “Fairview Presents: Amazing Shiraz”. I’ll stick a pic below. It’s fab. But anyways, regardless of your marital status, wine will always be there. I’m not advocating alcoholism, I just really like wine. And it makes me feel better about stuff sometimes. I’m going to look at this later and go “Emily, you’re drunk. Get off WordPress.”

4) I don’t really have a fourth reason. Really, if I was reading this list, you would have had me at “glitter”. It’s really the funnest part of the whole holiday. Though the aftermath of discount chocolates is truly seductive.

I hope you all are happy where you are, and if you aren’t, I hope you find that happiness soon. Shake yourselves out, get a hug from someone, and knock back a glass of red.

Love you all.


The part about “transporting you into a magical place” with free-flowing wine and laughter and dancing and whatnot just hit me right in the feels.

© Emily Bragg 2013