The Fish Shirt Rises


Y’all better watch out, I downloaded photogrid. Which means I can post awful-quality pictures from my phone onto WordPress in multiples.


Sewing Update

I’ve been sewing. Tip of the day: wearing a substantial bikini top (like mine) and very little in the way of pants makes it exceptionally easy to pin things onto oneself for fittings/draping. It’s been hot. Very hot. Sweltering, even. And (defying the season) my sinuses have been invaded with a bad cold, casting the whole process in a rather hazy, sneeze-ridden light. 

Soon I will be finished my self-drafted aquarium-fish-print cotton quasi-backless button-up sleeveless blouse. Just have to add two more panels and the buttons. It will be victory. Tomorrow. 

cotton milk

my mind is cotton batting
soft, bound by sleepy circumstance
and wooden window frames
through which a gentle sunset soaks
the shadows, steeped in soft light,
imbued with quiet morning milk.

© Emily Bragg 2013