Saturday: Now Saving 1424 Lives

May I click for you, Saturday?

This Saturday has been, is, and will be absolutely insane. I love it. It’s Saturday. Hello, reading break. Now, back to my baking frenzy. Love you guys.

Madeline Kahn in Mixed Nuts, 1994

Madeline Kahn playing Mrs Munchnik in Mixed Nuts, 1994: One of my favourite movies of all time and a longstanding family Christmas tradition in my house.
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Drowning in Drafts and Gluten-Free Research

I wish I meant beer. I don’t mean beer. My drafts folder has so many partially finished pieces of writing (like, actually creative writing, not just mind-vomit) that it’s ridiculous. I just haven’t had time to sit down with them and hammer out exactly who they are quite yet.

Surprisingly enough, though, not solely because of school, but because I’ve been spearheading this event in my community featuring a bunch of local bands from the Vancouver area. It’s been a blast, I’ve gotten to design posters and research gluten-free and vegan baking recipes (some members of the band and audience require eatables that won’t make them break their diet) and talk to the bands which is really cool. Granted, I knew most of them by association or face-to-face, but it has still been a ridiculously cool experience meeting lots of cool people.

Right now, though, it’s the baking that’s got me antsy. I want to start on it tomorrow night (the thing’s on Saturday) but I don’t even have a solid idea of what I’m making yet. I’m thinking gluten-free blueberry banana loaf, possibly wacky cake (I nearly fell over when I heard this; what do you mean there’s a cake called wacky cake), and gluten-free gingersnaps. Plus, le boyfriendo is coming over for a baking spree Friday evening (he’s such a doll), so maybe we’ll throw some normal cookies in there. OH I COULD MAKE GUITAR-SHAPED SUGAR COOKIES AGHHGHGHGHHH

There comes a point where I have to give my head a shake and go “NO EMILY. YOU ARE HUMAN. NOT BAKEWOMAN.” The vegan anti-gluten stuff’ll be hard enough. Anyone know a good recipe for coconut milk icing? I had a TA first semester at uni who was, like me, lactose intolerant, and baked for her class. The golden age. Her coconut milk icing was freaking delicious. Maybe I’ll shoot her an email.

Oh, and while I’m on the topic: have some related-to-blog-post YouTube. This’ll tickle all you Les Mis aficionados out there.

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