On a Lighter Note: Caravan Palace and Spry Bry

On Friday, July 26th, I had the most incredible evening I’ve had in ages. It was drenched in sweat and euphoria and dancing, and it was wonderful. Here’s a couple samplers of what I was treated to:

Spry Bry. This guy. He plays violin amidst electro-swing backing tracks that he’s simultaneously mixing. So good.


And then , le piece de resistance, Caravan Palace. They were perfect. They did this routine, live, in front of my eyes, with the perfect mic pass-off and everything. I was unable to breathe at points, not because I wore a corset, but because they were so perfect. Just, perfect.

Please become hardcore fans so that we can gush together. Thank you.

Also, I found this artist, Laurent Chehere, who did a series of photographs called “Les maisons volantes”. Now, je ne parlais pas francais, but they’re beautiful flying houses. Just beautiful. Click on the flying circus tent to ogle more of his stuff (and peruse that whole website as well, there’s some crazy cool stuff there).

Laurant Chehere

Laurent Chehere


A Tipsy Valentines Post

So Valentines Day happened. Everyone all over the blogosphere is blogging about how much they love/hate/were surprised by this year’s St Valentine’s Day. Regardless of the fact that I do indeed have a crazy lover-man who turns my world ’round each day and may or may not have given me a gorgeous rose and a handmade card and taken me out for cake, let me outline a few pros for the day upon which many hate:

1) Glitter. Sparkles. Bejewel the fuck out of everything. I personally made a trip to the dollar store because my sparkly pipecleaner stash was running low, and for some reason I couldn’t find a single tube of glitter glue in my house. My floor is now ankle-deep in Valentine carnage, bits of snipped-up doilies and fake gemstones in ridiculous shapes (dolphins??) surrounding an exhausted hot glue gun sprawled atop sheets of red cardstock. I like to try to make valentines so eye-bleedingly awful that they’re beautiful.   THIS IS CRAFTING

2) Chocolate. Now, I didn’t receive any this year (I’d rather have flowers than chocolate–at least until tomorrow, when I plan on ravaging the supermarkets for discounted lindors) but it’s definitely a staple of the Valentines Day charade. Even when single, you can usually guilt-trip someone into buying chocolate for you. Speaking from experience here.

3) An excuse to drink. Because I’ve been under a lot of stress lately (the hell, reading break) I’m currently best friends with this awesome glass of shiraz sitting next to me. It’s tasty. The label is awesome. I think it actually might be called “Awesome”. Hang on. Nope, it’s “Fairview Presents: Amazing Shiraz”. I’ll stick a pic below. It’s fab. But anyways, regardless of your marital status, wine will always be there. I’m not advocating alcoholism, I just really like wine. And it makes me feel better about stuff sometimes. I’m going to look at this later and go “Emily, you’re drunk. Get off WordPress.”

4) I don’t really have a fourth reason. Really, if I was reading this list, you would have had me at “glitter”. It’s really the funnest part of the whole holiday. Though the aftermath of discount chocolates is truly seductive.

I hope you all are happy where you are, and if you aren’t, I hope you find that happiness soon. Shake yourselves out, get a hug from someone, and knock back a glass of red.

Love you all.


The part about “transporting you into a magical place” with free-flowing wine and laughter and dancing and whatnot just hit me right in the feels.

© Emily Bragg 2013