Poll: Winking

Sexy, or not sexy? I’m biased, because I spent a whole summer perfecting my sultry winks on both sides, thank you very much. But I don’t know, what’s winking protocol?

Would you wink at a stranger? 

A crush?

Your boss?

(I would.)

*This is a stub. A more developed post can be found tomorrow, Monday, November 4th, around 2:30pm. Thank you for your patience. 

One thought on “Poll: Winking

  1. Emily,

    1. Are there supposed to be polling buttons or something, or is it all comments?
    2. Seeing as how my boss is an Army Lieutenant-Colonel engineer with crew cut hair and a grin like a pit bull, I generally refrain from winking at him. Or was this a gals-only sort of poll?

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