Poll: Winking

Sexy, or not sexy? I’m biased, because I spent a whole summer perfecting my sultry winks on both sides, thank you very much. But I don’t know, what’s winking protocol?

Would you wink at a stranger? 

A crush?

Your boss?

(I would.)

*This is a stub. A more developed post can be found tomorrow, Monday, November 4th, around 2:30pm. Thank you for your patience. 

I keep my pencils in a shot glass

It’s pretty well known that SFU has one of the most attractive student bodies in North America, especially when the international students get factored in. Luckily for me, I get to work weekends, which means the international students make up a large percentage of human life left on campus: the attractiveness ratio hits the roof and keeps rocketing upwards. At least six different accents an hour, guys. My heartbeats.

Batting eyelashes aside, one such student happens to be in one of my classes. I’m pretty certain she’s the cutest thing I’ve seen in ever. Between her affinity for Starbucks and my crazy work schedule, I get to see her lots. Not nearly enough, but lots. Here’s a drawing of her, because it’s way more fun to sketch when the subject’s that charming.

am I right, guys?

am I right, guys?

I rest my case.

I need to start this caboose back up!

You ever get that feel where all you want to do is just…run away for a bit, catch up on listening to music, making things, sleeping, and just sort of…talking to yourself? I’ve been too busy lately. I feel like I’m not really up to speed with myself, if that makes sense. But anyways, updates:

Working at Starbucks is like drinking the proverbial cup of cult-ish corporate blood, but is fun if you tune out the “Starbucks is God” mantra. I don’t get bothered by the Armageddon of students slavering at the thought of sugar-jacked espresso and milk, because it doesn’t matter. They’ll get their drinks, eventually, and I’ll go home, eventually, and then I’ll get to sleep, or procrastinate from homework, or whatever. It’s all chill, man. Anyways. That’s that.

Writing class: I honestly thought I’d be putting everything I wrote up here, because it’s loads better than what I usually post, but after getting critiques from classmates and teachers all I want to do is rework it over and over again until it’s perfect before I let it see the light of the internet. So hence the poetry dry spell. It’s good, though–the class, I mean. Makes me feel like I’ve found my people, yo.

A quick shout-out to the Peak Performance Project artists: you should check them all out HERE. I voted for Good for Grapes, but it was a tough go between them, Hannah Epperson, Van Damsel, Luca Fogale…man, there’s just some really stellar music coming out of this thing this year, and you should go immerse yourself in it (totally too late to vote now, I’m sorry, but on Tuesday they’re announcing the top 5 bands! This is exciting stuff).

One more thing: I’ve been semi-dared to do a series on flirting and seduction for NaBloPoMo (National Blog Post Month, where one posts every day—oh god) by the super-suave Scott over at In Spite of That, with the assurance that he’s going to do a series on trying one new hobby each day in November (and blogging about it). I’ve already failed one day, but I will post TWICE today to make up for it.

Last thing: I love you all, you beautiful blogger people you.