a feline diagnosis

the back of my throat tastes
chlorine, hard
slick with tears and disbelief
i want a sledgehammer
to rule out all word
give me back my quiet
and take away this raging unseen terror
let me mourn her
not her
give her back
give me her back
i want her curled against my shoulder sleeping
not trailing plastic tubing
and dragging paws.

© Emily Bragg 2013


6 thoughts on “a feline diagnosis

  1. I am so sorry for you – we thought our cat had kidney disease, but she is ok (though losing weight for some reason). She is 16, so that is probably normal…..but I am really sorry – we have just faced the fear, but dodged the bullet – for now.

    • Thank you, your kind words mean so much. Mine is ten years old, she was a kitten when I was a kid so this is especially tough…I hope your feline darling lives a good long while yet, they’re joys to have around.

      • O – only 10. I am so sorry…I do know what you feel They are so much a part of our lives! they are such joys, you are right….

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