a small sad, a strange: hug

i am strange today
usually the case, but now
see, i’d like a hug.

this strange is quiet
unsettling, almost sad
hell of an ordeal.

but not my ordeal
or is it? i’m relative
relative, right.

but relatively
i’m not too sad, as sad goes
i just need a hug.

© Emily Bragg 2013


4 thoughts on “a small sad, a strange: hug

  1. I have felt like this a lot lately! There is an older lady I work with who calls me her work son, when I am in need of a hug I go down to her office and say “I need a hug today” she comes right around that desk and just embraces me like a real mom! Then we sit and have tea and talk for a bit and I always leave feeling like I won the lotto!

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