Radio Famous!

Well, not famous, but my radio virginity has been taken. Co-op Radio Vancouver asked some of the students from the Vision to Voice project to come read their poems on the radio, and I blithely volunteered my Tuesday evening, thinking I’d just be one in a long succession of students reading poems on air. Nerve-wracking enough, I say. But soft! When we arrived, it was unveiled that they had a whole interview session set up for us. Questions, answers, songs, laughter, the whole nine yards. I nearly fled.

Despite my fear of making an utter fool of myself, it went well. The volunteers that run this radio station are without a doubt some of the nicest, most genuine people I have ever had the pleasure of meeting, and I can say confidently that I won’t have the fight-or-flight reaction if there is a radio in the future.

The show is called World Poetry Café – El Mundo de la Poesia, and is a bilingual show (Spanish/English) that explores poetry from various different areas. You can listen to/download the show here, and I would highly recommend checking out future (and past) Co-op Radio shows, because they are truly a stand-up community figure for minority cultures and societies; their “About” page calls it a “voice for the voiceless”. A really unique, golden idea.

All in all, despite muddling through Tuesday on a pithy ration of sleep and offending exactly one friend (that I know of, could be more; heaven knows I’m not at my most tactful on >3 hours of sleep), it’s been a really fantastic day. Oh, and I’d like to

thank you followers,
you commenters and likers
for lifting my day.

© Emily Bragg 2013


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