A Clean Break

My plan for this blog was to have somewhere to put all the artsy things I do that barely see the light of day in everyday situations, and I had a nice little stockpile of artistic fodder for the internet to feast on all ready to be uploaded come January. It’s the second week of January, now, and I have nothing up. Nada. Zip. May I confess why?

Because that’s exactly what I have on my hard drive at the moment.

Days before I was about to push this little blog off its metaphorical home branch into its virgin flight amongst the friendly trees of the wordpress forest, my laptop screen froze. When control-alt-delete failed, I simply shut the computer down manually. This type of innocuous temper tantrum isn’t headlining news for my trusty PC, but it was troubling when manually shutting down the computer elicited no response from the frosty thing. A last resort; I removed the battery, leaving its tired shell bereft of blinking lights.

But alas, when the batter was popped back in, I was faced with a black screen of death. A close cousin of the ubiquitous Blue Screen of Death, the black screen announced that it had no intention of ever speaking to the boot system ever again, and that both the boot system and the hard drive were dead to it. Even a few days in computer therapy with various psychocomputoanalysts did nothing, and they resorted to wiping all the painful memories from its system a la Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.

And that, dear readers, is why this blog is much more blank than it could have been. Welcome to my little art blog, and my adventures in reconstructing months of writing and photographs.


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