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bear in sweater


English major/linguistics minor trying to weave in art and writing around the edges to keep my mind from fraying too badly. This started out as a sanity-saving blog, but now it’s just a broom closet in the vast mansion of the interwebs where I put my nice things.

Most of the things are my own work, unless stated otherwise, and another patch in my quilt that holds back the darkness and keeps in the light. Kind of like when your parents still had the power to make you go to bed, and you had to read under the covers with a flashlight? Like that. Except the metaphorical parents are actually like, Big Brother. Or something.

Click here to see a huge conglomeration of all the things I throw into the cyberspace. Otherwise, please feel free to peruse via the categories above. Either way, thanks for being a pal.

P.S. If you’re into wearing nice things and ogling other people wearing nice things, I recently started a style blog also called “Easeful Death by Vintage” that lets me indulge my extra-feminine side. You can check me out there, too. Wink wink.


22 thoughts on “The Life And Times Of Emily Blogg

    • Awrgh thank you so much! All my feels. This is still a baby blog, but I wasn’t even expecting 40 followers in a month! It’s crazy. I love you all.

  1. Hi Emily, you have a wonderful blog here! I really enjoy your writing and how much of yourself you pour into it. Lots of great insight and emotion!

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    • Thank you, you’re very kind. If you’d like to receive updates and/or get new posts from this blog in your WordPress reader, you can hit the “follow” button up in the left-hand column 🙂

  4. Hi Emily,

    Found you via your counter comment to gender neutral language. Nice place you have here. I am a bit torn – you write so well that the English Major makes sense, but with the bow ties and bear sweater, I want to say that you should be in fine arts.

    Can I impose upon you to point out the post that GNL commented on? Feminism is a central part of a two book project that I am in the midst of, and I like to read a variety of views on the topic.


    • Hi there,

      I actually do a lot of fine arts activities, so it’s funny you say that. The post he commented on is just under the “All The Things” tab, the second one in, though I fear you might find there’s not as much “feminism” in there as you might hope (upon reading your blog, it seems as if you’re on the same track as GNL, where everything feminist is innately awful, and you just have to find the right articles to prove it. Forgive me if I’m wrong).


      • I don’t agree with GNL’s take on everything. What I do like about probably him (but perhaps her) though is a willingness to challenge the accepted status quo of ideological feminism.

        In terms of feminism, I subscribe to Christina Hoff Sommers’ thesis that gender (a.k.a. radical, gynocentric, or ideological feminists) have come to dominate the women’s movement v. equity feminists, who only ever wanted genuine equality and rights respected. Legitimate women’s issues I whole-heartedly support, with examples being female circumcision genital mutilation, child bride marriages, and “honour” killings.

        My professional background includes working at two warfare centres, one of which I was a founding member of. Honestly, most military guys would probably rather have their annual over-40 prostate examination than analyze feminism. Thus, I suspect I may actually have been the first to think to do so – look at feminism (ideological) from a military theory and doctrine perspective. We were professionally negligent for not having done so sooner.

        Contemporary feminism naturally behaves in accordance with the general principles of military Information Operations doctrine. I touch briefly upon this in the first of my two-book set (hope to have the manuscript back from the editor this week), and I’ll look at this in more detail in my second book. I have developed a unified construct of gender narcissism to explain why this is so. (There’s a male half to this, obviously.)

        I do not own a bow tie! Let me know if you ever go into business.


        • I guess my viewpoint is that feminism as a whole already gets such a bad rep that we should be highlighting the good feminism as opposed to showcasing the bad/extremist feminism, because it’s so hard for legitimate equality feminists to be respected and taken seriously when the blanket term “feminism” is so often demonized.

          I appreciate your background, that sounds like a really neat idea. I’m just not sure about the execution of it.

          Haha, will do.

          • Emily,

            I suspect, in the final analysis, we’re going to have more in the intersection portion of our Venn diagram of opinions than not. You’re right, in that its very unfair to equity feminists to be associated with bad / extremist feminists.

            I don’t know if your familiar with former A/Professor of Ethics Christina Hoff Sommers, Ph.D., but her book “Who Stole Feminism? How Women Have Betrayed Women” is a brilliant expose of how gender / ideological feminism has come to dominate the women’s movement. Another more academic sort of book is “Legalizing Misandry” by McGill academics Paul Nathanson and Katherine Young, very much done in the Canadian context. I suggest these works will give a rational yet heretical interpretation of what feminism has become.

            You could also check out “Courts from Hell – Family Injustice in Canada” by Frank Simons about his experience in Canada’s family “justice” system. Or my book when it comes out, or before, but only if you’re really interested (sans cost to you). Succinctly, what is befalling men and children in the family justice system can in no way be reconciled with any reasonably interpretation of justice. I hope to not only highlight what is happening, but why this is happening.

            I think the distinction between equity feminism and ideological (bad) feminism has become academic to the point of being socially moot. Since ideological feminism has come to dominate the women’s movement, it has become synonymous with feminism in general, for better or for worse.

            Well, enough of the serious stuff. Thanks for your kind thoughts and opinions, and best of luck with the studies. And I do think your bow ties are wonderful – good for you.

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